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The modern diesel locomotive is a self contained version of the electric locomotive. Like the electric locomotive, it has electric drive, in the form of traction motors driving the axles and controlled with electronic controls Diesel-electric locomotives (two examples are shown in Fig. 9.36) are in widespread use around the world. They have also been impacted by the availability of IGBTs with high power ratings. In these trains, diesel fuel is used to generate electricity

The hybrid diesel locomotive is an incredible display of power and ingenuity. It combines some great mechanical technology, including a huge, 12-cylinder, two-stroke diesel engine , with some heavy duty electric motors and generators, throwing in a little bit of computer technology for good measure Take a peek inside Union Pacific DD40X, the Worlds largest operating diesel locomotive. This locomotive typically travels with the Union Pacific 844 steam en.. American Locomotive Company (ALCO) produced a wide range of diesel-electric locomotives until it ceased manufacture in 1969

The Top Ten Most Powerful Diesel Locomotives in the World10-HXN5B (China Railways) 09-Voith Maxima (40CC) 08-DF8B (China Railways) 07-EMD SD80MAC 06-NJ2 (.. diesel locomotive action in mountai Crazy Cold Start Diesel Locomotive Engines and Sound. 6:07. Crazy Cold Start Diesel Locomotive Engines and Sound 2. 6:51. Cars and Engines. SUBSCRIBE. SUBSCRIBED. You're signed out. Videos you. The following is a list of locomotives produced by GE Transportation Systems before its acquisition and takeover by Wabtec. All were/are built at Fort Worth, Texas or Erie, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Most are powered by various versions of GE's own FDL diesel prime mover, based on a Cooper Bessemer design and manufactured at Grove City, Pennsylvania. GE is one of the largest locomotive manufacturing companies How Diesel Locomotives Work? Locomotive engine production. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new feature

Diesel engine, an internal combustion engine where ignition is caused by compression; Diesel fuel, a liquid fuel used in diesel engines; Diesel locomotive, a railway locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine; Arts and entertainment. Diesel (band), a Dutch pop/rock group Diesel, a 1942 German film about Rudolf Diesel; Diesel, by Robert Kramer. No. M-4 Built 1947 Plymouth Locomotive Works. M-4 is a 2-axle 12-ton Plymouth diesel-mechanical locomotive purchased during the initial tourist years to perform switching duties when firing a steam locomotive was not practical. Prior to M-4's arrival, M-1 was occasionally used for switching. M-6 is similar in looks to M-4, but that is where. Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years: A Guide to Diesels Built Before 1972. Railroad Reference Series. Waukesha, Wisconsin: Kalmbach Publishing. ISBN 978--89024-258-2. Marre, Louis A.; Pinkepank, Jerry A.; Drury, George H. (1995). The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide: A comprehensive reference manual to locomotives since 1972. Railroad Reference Series (Book 14) QLD DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES. The Diesel Locomotive is a type of railroad locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine, a reciprocating engine operating on the Diesel cycle as invented by Dr. Rudolf Diesel. Several types of diesel locomotive have been developed, the principal distinction being in the means by which the prime mover's mechanical.

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Locomotive Diesel Engine Parts: Diesel engine, Fuel tank, Air intakes, Radiator, Radiator fan, Turbocharger, Alternator or generator , Rectifiers, Inverters, Air compressor, Electronic controls, Control stand, Sandbox, Gearbox, Traction motor, Air Reservoirs, Motor blower, Batteries , Driveshaft, Truck Frame, etc are the useful parts of the diesel-electric train engine An electro-diesel locomotive (also referred to as a dual-mode or bi-mode locomotive) is a type of locomotive that can be powered either from an electricity supply (like an electric locomotive) or by using the onboard diesel engine (like a diesel-electric locomotive).For the most part, these locomotives are built to serve regional, niche markets with a very specific purpose

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Diesel #Locomotive engine working | #Diesel Locomotive | How a diesel locomotive works? - YouTube Diesel locomotives. The 1955 diesel locomotive classes are given in brackets where applicable.. A large number of different shunter types were purchased by British Rail and its predecessors, many of which were withdrawn prior to the introduction of TOPS.The tables below attempt to list the different types and the different classifications used to describe them as clearly as possible A diesel locomotive is a type of railway locomotive in which the prime mover is a diesel engine. Several types of diesel locomotives have been developed, differing mainly in the means by which mechanical power is conveyed to the driving wheels Diesel Locomotive (ディーゼルきかんしゃ, Dīzeru Kikan-sha?) is the Quirk used by Willie Wanda.[1] Willie's Quirk turned his head and his entire upper body into the locomotive of a diesel-powered train. This Quirk is incredibly similar to Steam Locomotive Trix H0 - 22082 - Diesel locomotive - Diesel locomotive Hercules BR ER 20 Südwest Fernsehen - DB. DC - Direct current/Digital - Mint - In original box. Translate to English. Will be translated by Google Translate. Diesel locomotive CLASS ER 20 Südwest Fernsehen. Functionality checked


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Diesel Locomotive Co. and David Kramer have built an excellent reputation in the locomotive industry over the past 30+ years. Whether it's a sale from another RR fleet or a locomotive from our lease fleet bearing the DLCX letters, we are known to stand behind the equipment we offer As the transition from steam intensified in the late 1950s and early 60s, a new generation of diesel engines was born. Our guide to iconic Diesel Locomotive classes has a prime selection of the engines that hauled the UK's trains until the arrival of HSTs - and beyond Diesel Locomotives The Churnet Valley Railway has a number of diesel locomotives onsite, and from time to time features guest locomotives appearing from other railways from around the UK. Below is a bit of history of the locomotives currently regarded as resident on the Churnet Valley Railway, with the proposed roster for the selected diesel.

Rails of Sheffield - Model Railways Specialists. Your First Stop for Everything Model Railways Related. All major manufacturers stocked. New and Pre-owned, including Bachmann, Dapol, Accurascale, Gaugemaster, Graham Farish, Heljan, Peco, DCC Concepts plus many more. Family Run Business, 50 years in the making 358 Free images of Diesel Locomotive. Related Images: train railway locomotive transport rails motion cars. 169 26 Loco Locomotive Railway. 69 13 Machine Train. 29 7 Train Railway. 40 5 Station Suitcases Child. 55 4 Station Train The Ussr. 41 24 Loco Switcher Train. 24 22 Model Railway. 23 1 Diesel Train Train. 43 5 Usa California Train Document No: Chapter -I Organization Version No: 1.0-d0 Date Issued: dd/mm/yyyy Document Title: MANUAL MAINTENANCE FOR DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES Revised 2013 Printed: 2015/03/08 Page 3 of 303. 1.3 Principal functions of the CME: The principal functions of CME, , are in this regard summarized below:- 1.3.1 Liaison with Board for allocation of requisite resources by way of funds, facilities The electric locomotive discussion started last month continues in August with a close look at the General Electric-built steeple cab. The first of the builder's direct-current models appeared in 1893; it was a 30-ton locomotive built for the Manufacturers Railroad in Connecticut Diesel Locomotives use electricity to drive forward motion despite the name 'diesel'. A large diesel engine turns a shaft that drives a generator which makes electricity. This electrical energy powers large electric motors at the wheels called 'traction motors'. DC and AC Power: Some locomotives use DC generators and others use AC

1753 Heljan Class 17 Diesel Loco number D8607 in BR Green livery. £469.95. Saving up to £79.05. (14.40%) on RRP (£549.00) Buy. View. Add To Comparison Big Red diesel locomotive engine with passenger cars. This is a live working engine, not a museum shot so there is a bit of dirt on the engine. diesel locomotive stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image

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32-727WDS Bachmann Class 66 Diesel Locomotive number 66 709. £209.99. Saving up to £69.96. (24.99%) on RRP (£279.95) Buy. View. Add To Comparison The name diesel locomotive is misleading, as the traction power is provided by electric motors driving the wheels directly, and the electricity to power the motors is generated by an alternator driven by a diesel engine. The use of a diesel engine frees the locomotive from being coupled to an external electricity supply, and the use of. The BL2 was a mistake at diesel locomotive leader EMD EMD's BL2 diesel locomotive was a mistake of historic proportions. During the 1930s and '40s — when diesel-locomotive sales grew from smoldering embers to white-hot inferno — Electro-Motive Corp. (after 1940, General Motors' Electro-Motive Division) seemingly could do no wrong A diesel locomotive is a powered by a diesel engine.The diesel engine may drive the locomotive's wheels directly via a gearbox, shaft or chain (called mechanical transmission); by generating electricity which is in turn used to power the wheels (called diesel-electric); or by using a hydraulic transmission system (diesel-hydraulic) 1 Bio 2 Legend 3 Legend 4 Sources Most modern, diesel-electric locomotives manufactured by EMD (beginning with the GP30) are often hard to distinguish from one another, and often have parts or components which are hard to identify. Average, modern, standard-cab models consist of these traits (namely 2nd generation and early 3rd generation ones): Hood: Or nose; can be seen on every A unit.

This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. Diesel-electric locomotives of the United States ‎ (4 F) Diesel-hydraulic locomotives of the United States ‎ (5 C) Industrial diesel locomotives of the United States ‎ (1 C, 5 F The weight of a diesel locomotive varies from about 100 tons or below to over 200 tons, depending on the model. The GP38-2 weighs 125 tons, the Dash 9 GE-C44-9W weighs 210 tons, the C30-7 weighs 195 tons and the F7A weighs 104.4 tons A cabless diesel locomotive; or a B-unit. With it being a former BN SD40-2B (rebuilt from a SD40-2 cab unit). A cabless diesel locomotive (meaning that it isn't manually powered by a crew or driver) is a cabless form of diesel locomotive lacking a cab built to serve as a booster in a consist (though, sometimes a rebuilt or downgraded locomotive converted from a cabbed unit) which helps. Diesel Train, Emd Gp35 Locomotive, Cab Interior, Long Slow Rev, Engine Rumble 0:28 Diesel Train, Emd Sw1500 Locomotive, Long In, Pass By, Engine Rumble And Whi Diesel locomotives of Japan by operator‎ (18 C) Diesel-electric locomotives of Japan ‎ (4 C, 3 F) Diesel-hydraulic locomotives of Japan ‎ (19 C, 43 F

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Märklin Start up - Class 216 Diesel Locomotive. 149,99 €. Article in stock. Buy online. Gauge H0 Era V Diesel Locomotives. Art.-No. 36700 This category is for diesel locomotives, be-it diesel, diesel-electric or diesel-hydraulic (aside from those purely mechanical).. Random article in this categor DLO cable provides maximum performance for use on diesel electric locomotives, and for a number of other industrial applications. Tough enough to withstand the daily abuse, temperature extremes, and high-stress industrial environment of a diesel electric locomotive, DLO cable features a 90ºC temperature rating and is resistant to oils, acids.

A record-breaking diesel locomotive is being brought back into service after sitting in storage for two years. In its glory days 43159 achieved a world record speed of 148mph, which has never been. Wallpaper name: 4K, snow, diesel locomotive, Snowpiecer, train, eastern express. Background's resolution: 3840x2160. Image's size: 1465 kb. Wallpaper uploaded by.

Märklin H0 - From set 29181 - Henschel DHG-700 Diesel Shunter locomotive with rotating light with yellow livery of the NS. Running number: 6505. Shunting locomotive Henschel 6505 DHG-700. Undamaged. With booklet. Tested, runs faultlessly and is fully functional. Decoder currently set to address: 0. We ship our items on Mondays and Thursdays This category has the following 93 subcategories, out of 93 total. Electro-diesel locomotives of Russia ‎ (3 C Rebuilt diesel locomotives are diesel locomotives which are rebuilt or modified from older or scrapped diesel locomotives. Some are converted to become cabless, while most become a completely new type of locomotive (such as the GP15-1 for example). 1 History 2 Known Types 3 Gallery 4 Sources Rebuilt diesel locomotives were first created in the 1960s, when railroads and railways throughout the. Non-powered slugs help diesel locomotives move trains at lower speeds. Trains move at various speeds for different reasons. Moving trains from coast to coast requires high-horsepower locomotives to maintain high speeds. Local trains serving online customers or switch jobs in yards can use lower horsepower locomotives, since their top speed is much lower than a mainline train Diesel fuel is stored in a fuel tank and delivered to the engine by an electric fuel pump. Diesel fuel has become the preferred fuel for railroad locomotive use due to its lower volatility, lower cost, and common availability. The diesel engine (A) is the main component of the diesel-electric locomotive. It is an internal combustion engine.

Electro-Motive Diesel. The main EMD logo, which was also how the Electro-Motive Corporation's (EMD's predecessor) logo originally was arranged. The Electro Motive Division, or EMD is a North American locomotive company which was formed during the early 1920's as the Winton Electric Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Though, was renamed and redeveloped. China Diesel Locomotive Transmission System Market Sales, 2016-2021, 2022-2027, (Units) China top five Diesel Locomotive Transmission System companies in 2020 (%) The global Diesel Locomotive Transmission System market size is expected to growth from US$ 227 million in 2020 to US$ 257.1 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of -2.0%. Diesel Locomotives began replacing Steam power in the early 1900s. Diesel engines burn liquid fuel in an internal combustion engine/turbine to produce motion or generate electricity for motors. TrainStation includes Diesels ranging from the early Yu-e 001 Pioneer to modern engines like the ES44 Hybrid Double


Lima-Hamilton 1000 HP Diesel-Electric Locomotive Sales Brochure . A sales brochure produced by Lima-Hamilton very early (it has no date; is probably late 1949) shows the locomotive layout, and gives some details on the construction of the diesel engine itself. The diesel engine's actual construction is rarely discussed these days Define diesel locomotive. diesel locomotive synonyms, diesel locomotive pronunciation, diesel locomotive translation, English dictionary definition of diesel locomotive. Noun 1. diesel locomotive - a locomotive driven by a diesel engine diesel engine, diesel motor, diesel - an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil.. Märklin H0 - 37645 - Diesel locomotive - MAK diesel locomotive Tegernsee-Bahn locomotive 14 - Tegernsee-Bahn. AC - Alternating current/Digital - Mint - In original box. MAK Diesel locomotive Tegernsee Railway Locomotive 14. The locomotive has a digital decoder. Functionality has been checked

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It's the part of a Diesel locomotive that warns people that it's about to approach. Fireman. The guy who watches the firebox of the steam locomotive and puts the coal in. The Locomotive Engineer. The person who drives the locomotive. The Headlight The new locomotives are designated as ALC-42 for Amtrak Long-distance Charger, 4200-horsepower and are in production in Sacramento, Calif. They will primarily replace Amtrak P40 and P42 diesel-electric locomotives. Although modern when bought in the 90s, the P-series locomotives have been intensively used for more than 25 years, lack up.

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Jeff Wilson's new book, Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives, offers more than 300 pages of detailed information on diesel locomotives produced in North America from the 1930s to today.An essential guide for model railroaders and train enthusiasts, this comprehensive reference book includes: All-time rosters for more than 100 major railroads in the U.S. and Canada through the 1970s F59PHI Diesel Locomotive (2) GP35 Diesel Locomotive (6) GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive (2) GP40-2 Diesel Locomotive (1) SD38 Diesel Locomotive (6) SD39 Diesel Locomotive (13) SD40 Diesel Locomotive (10) SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive (6) SD40T-2 Diesel Locomotive (3) SD45 Diesel Locomotive (5) SD45T-2 Diesel Locomotive (2

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  1. Diesel locomotives normally based at the SVRSevern Valley Railway. Ruston and Hornsby Ltd. of Lincoln, engineer and locomotive manufacturer acquired by English Electric in 1966. Also, Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd established in 1930 and jointly owned by Ruston and Hornsby and Bucyrus-Erie (US) Operational. Based at Bewdley
  2. 3 MW Diesel Locomotives. 4000 HP to 4500 HP (wide gauge), GT46MAC, EMD engine, 3 MW IGBT converter, individual motor control, locomotive controls, 500 kVA HEP converter, distributed powe
  3. DIESEL-ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES INTRODUCTION An understanding of the structure of a locomotive mechanically and electrically is essential to a person attempting to perform maintenance and repair services on it. The reference text on which this subcourse is based is a broad presentation of locomotive structure and a basic outline of maintenanc
  4. 4864 Heljan Class 47 Diesel Locomotive in Dutch Civil Engineers. £594.15. Saving up to £104.85. (15.00%) on RRP (£699.00) Buy. View
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3406 Heljan Class 33 Diesel Locomotive number 33 008 Eastleigh. £466.99. Saving up to £82.01. (14.94%) on RRP (£549.00) Buy. View. Add To Comparison 7D-008-013 Dapol Class 08 Diesel Locomotive number 08 717. £197.95. Saving up to £34.93. (15.00%) on RRP (£232.88) Buy. View. Add To Comparison DV 12 Diesel Locomotive v0.2 - Most numerous locomotive in Finland, with 192 still in service (RailServe.com MSTS Download - File size: 1124 KB) EMD Demo SW1200 - Actual SW1500 EMD paint scheme applied to the SW1200; by Jake Kulik (RailServe.com MSTS Download - File size: 1992 KB Our diesel locomotive fleet. . No. 1 - 'Amanda'. . . Named after GLR owner John Gartell's daughter, 'Amanda' is a twin-cab 'Bo--Bo' diesel hydraulic locomotive. Its power is supplied by a Perkins 6354 engine via a two speed direct drive. hydraulic gearbox to both bogies. This locomotive originated from the Southend Pier tramway and.

Steam or Diesel? For more than a century, Lionel Trains have represented quality engineering, innovation, exceptional realism -- and most of all, fun! With our large assortment of Steam and Diesel engines representing multiple levels realistic details and capabilities, you are sure to find the perfect locomotive to pull your consist Diesel Locomotives - doningtonreskins. BRELD Reskins Class 58 Pack, adding realistic nameplates to the many different variants of the Class 58's. Download BRELD Reskins Class 58 Pack 1. BR Black Class 20's in a Midland styled Lined and Unlined livery Diesel Locomotive. a locomotive in which the primary power plant is a diesel-type internal-combustion engine. The major components of a diesel locomotive are a diesel engine, power transmission, crew compartment, and auxiliary equipment. The diesel engine, located in the engine compartment, transforms the thermal energy of a combustible fuel.

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Locomotive Diesel Romanesti/Romanian Diesel Locomotives. 3,309 likes. Aceasta pagina este dedicata locomotivelor diesel aflate in parcul tuturor operatorilor de transport pe caile ferate romanesti,..


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  1. Locomotive - Locomotive - Diesel traction: By the end of the 1960s, diesel had almost completely superseded steam as the standard railroad motive power on nonelectrified lines around the world. The change came first and most quickly in North America, where, during the 25 years 1935-60 (and especially in the period 1951-60), railroads in the United States completely replaced their steam.
  2. A Class 37 diesel locomotive dating from the 1960's stands at Norwich Station on a train for Yarmouth in July 2019. Now replaced by Class 755 trains. An M62 Zeppelin diesel locomotive from the '60s still in service at a rural station near Porva-Csesznek, Gyor-Moson.
  3. Une locomotive Diesel est une locomotive dont l'énergie de traction provient d'un moteur Diesel interne. On en distingue plusieurs types, selon la façon dont la puissance fournie par le moteur est transmise aux essieux. Locomotive Diesel-électrique CC 72084 en livrée Arzens d'origine
  4. Bachmann GE ES44AC DCC Sound Value Equipped Diesel Locomotive - MONONGAHELA #8025 (with operating ditch lights) - HO Scale 4.7 out of 5 stars 4 $198.31 $ 198 . 3
  5. Diesel Locomotives - USA Trains G Scale. Sub-Categories. Alco S4 Diesel Switcher. GP9 / GP7 Locomotives. GP30 Locomotive. GP38 Locomotive. SD 70 MAC Locomotive. F3 AB Unit Locomotive
  6. Diesel Locomotive Road Number V 188 001 a/b. 2.599,99 €. Article in stock. Buy online. Gauge 1 Era III Diesel Locomotives. Art.-No. 55320
  7. Diesel locomotives: Diesel Locomotives: Diesel Electric Locomotives: 39 MRL diesel Locomotives. Models by Robby F. Various PRR diesel locomotives by Elden Gatwood. Motor Rail diesel locomotives, October 2019: Hymek diesel which took over from steam locomotives on the Western Region in 1964: An ancient steam locomotive. The White Pass trains use.

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Tillig 04853 Diesel locomotive 247 902 of the Rail Transport Service Germany GmbH, Ep. VI £167.18 Out of Stock Temporarily out of stock Tillig 04939 Diesel locomotive 285 104-2 of the Eisenbahn-Bau und Betriebsges. Pressnitztalbahn mbH, Ep. VI £173.50. CHICAGO — While the locomotive is so new that Amtrak doesn't even have the keys yet, the passenger railroad showed off the first of its new long-distance Siemens Chargers on Tuesday at Chicago Union Station as part of a media event on upcoming improvements to long-distance service. The first of the ALC42 locomotives is still two or three months from enterin Wabash Railroad diesel locomotive and train photographs by and from the collection of William S. Kuba. Read More. Buy Photos. 2013.010.WAB.D.0051--bill kuba 116 neg--WAB--GE diesel switcher locomotive 51--location unknown--no date this is a Soviet broad gauge locomotive fabricated in Luhansk in Ukraine and mainly used in freight transport. Each of the two sections houses a 10 cylinder two-stroke opposed piston diesel engine generating 3000 horsepower (2200 kW). In 2005, some locomotives were fitted with 16 cylinder engines to prolong their service life

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Diesel-electric locomotive engines won the hearts of many a railroad company because they were more profitable than a steam-powered locomotive. Today, new companies have taken over where the American Locomotive Company and the ALCO-GE-IR trio left off. A newer incarnation of diesel-electric manufacturers is a partnership between Electro-Motive. Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) built CSXT No. 8954 in August 1974 for the Seaboard Coastline Railroad as their No. 2049. It was one of only 136 SD45-2 diesel-electric locomotives the McCook, Illinois-based EMD constructed between 1972 and 1974 and the last of the model developed. CSX donated the locomotive in August 2018 Diesel locomotive TEM10 with electric transmission and power of 1164 HP equipped with two power plants based on Volvo Penta diesel engines that meet the EU Stage III emission standard. Mainly one.

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The new locomotive, dubbed the D-500, was powered by an International Harvester UD-24 diesel engine Click for larger which in turn drove a Cat hydraulic transmission..in turn feeding into a Euclid truck axle Get Free Locomotive Diesel Engine Plan photos of servicing terminals, roundhouses, turntables, sand houses and towers, and more. The World's Carriers and Carrying Trades' Review British Diesel Locomotives of the 1950s and '60s CONTRARY TO SECULAR MEDIA, THIS BOOK CLEARLY ILLUSTRATES THAT THE CONCEPT OF MAN INDUCED GLOBA HO Scale Model Train Diesel Locomotives. Shop online for over 3,700 ho scale model train diesel locomotives at discounts up to 55%. Atlas is ranked #1 out of 26 ho scale model train diesel locomotives manufacturers, followed by Rapido Trains Inc., and Bachmann


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Media in category Southern Pacific Railroad diesel locomotives The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. 8141 at tunnel 3 (4463108540).jpg. A Freight Climbing the Cuesta Hills above San Luis Obispo, 1985 - 5 Photos (30935852922). GP7 Diesel Locomotive (1) GP15-1 Diesel Locomotive (3) GP30 Diesel Locomotive (6) GP35 Diesel Locomotive (11) GP38 Diesel Locomotive (12) GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive (11) GP39-2 Diesel Locomotive (12) GP40 Diesel Locomotive (13) GP40-2 Diesel Locomotive (3) MP15DC Diesel Switcher (9) SD24/SD26 Diesel Locomotive (1) SD35 Diesel Locomotive (2) SD50. Home / HO Scale / Atlas (HO) / Alco Diesel Locomotives Alco Diesel Locomotives. C420 Diesel Locomotive (8) C424/C425 Diesel Locomotive (2) RS3 Diesel Locomotive (5) RS11 Diesel Locomotive (7) RS32/36 Diesel Locomotive (1) RSD4/5 Diesel Locomotive (1) S2 Diesel Locomotive (9) Let's Talk! Mailing Address: P.O. Box 304 diesel locomotive in good running condition but needs rear coupler fixed or replaced. broken part included (see last pic.). your choice Keighley and Worth Valley Railway announce second visiting diesel locomotive. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway have announced that they will be welcoming BR Class 27, No. 27001, to the railway for their upcoming Diesel and Mixed Traffic Gala. Visiting courtesy of the Class 27 Locomotive Group and the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.